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If your kids have entered a battle of wills with you over school writing assignments or college admission essays, you’re in good company. Many kids can’t stand writing. Thankfully, our writing tutors can help. When you choose Sylvan of Forest Park/Oak Park for writing tutoring, we’ll inspire greater confidence and success from your young writer (and restore your sanity along the way).

Our writing tutors are experts at connecting with kids and motivating them to become better writers. They’ll identify your child’s exact writing needs and craft a personal plan, just for your child.

Whether your child needs help writing complete sentences, developing thesis statements or crafting a great college application essay, our writing tutors will help your child build the essential writing skills for a lifetime of success. And along the way, they’ll use a variety of techniques — including a fun rewards system — to make tutoring fun and engaging.

What to expect from our writing tutors

Sylvan of Forest Park/Oak Park’s writing tutors will:

  • Develop a custom learning plan tailored to your child’s writing needs.
  • Share useful writing tips and guide your child through writing exercises that occur in his or her everyday life.
  • Inspire your child with instant feedback, personal recognition and a fun rewards system, so your child is motivated to become a better writer.
  • Measure your child’s progress, ensuring your child is mastering each writing skill and can actually apply it.
  • Align our writing tutoring with the standards set by the National Council of Teachers of English, so there’s a connection between the writing skills your child learns at Sylvan and what’s required in the classroom.
  • Collaborate with your child’s teacher at school to track progress.

Sylvan Learning of Forest Park / Oak Park
7217 Madison St
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