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Grade Tracker: A Key to Academic Progress

By Anathea Simpkins What is a grade tracker? It is exactly what it sounds like – a place to list and monitor a student’s grades. A student’s academic planner is the perfect place to track this information. This information may also be available via your child’s… Read more »


Pumpkin Math Activity

Nothing says “fall” like carving pumpkins! This annual event is a hallmark of the season and a time-honored tradition for many families. And while it’s definitely a fun activity for your kids, it can also be an opportunity to incorporate math learning into your family… Read more »


College Writing Prep and Essay Help

Set Your Teen Up for Writing Success There’s nothing like writing a college application essay to help a teenager perfect the art of procrastination. If you hear a chorus of crickets every time you ask your teen about his or her essay, take heart. Our… Read more »


Motivating Kids to Practice

By Dr. Rick Bavaria “Hey, cabbie, how do I get to Carnegie Hall?” “Practice! Practice!” Yes, old joke. But kids need to practice to get on the Honor Roll, the softball team, the next level of algebra, the cello solo, or a great performance in the school… Read more »


Robotics for Kids in Forest Park, IL

Looking for new activities to inspire your child outside of school? Three words: Robotics for Kids! Robotics for Kids uses fun, hands-on projects to get your child’s creative juices flowing. Your child will learn how to build and program robots with LEGO® bricks and software… Read more »


How to Talk to your High Schooler about Grades

By Dr. Rick Bavaria It’s mid-term time in high schools. You’ve been monitoring your teens and their progress, but you’re uncertain about grades. They’ve been doing their homework, you’ve been checking it randomly and you’re chatting about school. But, still, what about grades? How to bring up… Read more »