Math Tutoring in Forest Park / Oak Park


There’s something about the daily adventure known as math that can make even the most easy-going parents feel tested. (Or testy, as the case may be.) If your child is continually struggling and can use math help, take heart: every child learns in his or her own way, meaning personal attention can make all the difference in mastering math. Kids who come to Sylvan of Forest Park/Oak Park for math tutoring typically see up to two times more growth in their math scores than other students.

When it comes to math tutoring, personal learning is what we do best. Our math tutors use your child’s personal learning plan and engaging technology (such as iPads®, interactive exercises and a fun rewards system) to motivate and inspire your child. Our math tutors get to the root of your child’s math help needs, so your child can soar with new-found skills and confidence. It’s no wonder kids love coming to Sylvan.

What to expect from our math tutoring

Sylvan of Forest Park/Oak Park’s math tutors will:

  • Personalize math tutoring to your child’s needs through Sylvan Insight™, our proven learning approach.
  • Engage your child in math learning using the iPad as a teaching tool for a more fun and interactive learning experience.
  • Adapt math lessons to your child’s skill level and pace — so learning is challenging, not frustrating.
  • Motivate your child with instant feedback and recognition for every skill learned.
  • Align our math tutoring curriculum with career readiness standards, so the skills your child is learning at Sylvan have an impact in the classroom.

Sylvan Learning of Forest Park / Oak Park
7217 Madison St
Forest Park, IL 60130

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