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Set Your Teen Up for Writing Success

There’s nothing like writing a college application essay to help a teenager perfect the art of procrastination. If you hear a chorus of crickets every time you ask your teen about his or her essay, take heart. Our writing tutors are here to help!

Our College Prep Writing program is an interactive way for your son or daughter to master the college application essay and build the research-based writing skills needed for college success.

In College Prep Writing, teens typically develop their college essays from scratch. If your teen already had an essay in the works, we’re happy to start there too!

How our College Prep Writing classes work

Our writing tutors help your teen focus on two distinct areas:

  • Getting into college: A good college essay can help your teen stand out and shine. Our tutors cover the essential elements of writing a college application essay. Your son or daughter will learn how to craft a well-written and compelling essay that gives college admission counselors an inside look at what makes your teen special.
  • Academic, research-based writing: Our writing tutors share the writing, research and analysis skills needed to tackle college-level papers. Your teen will learn how to write successful research papers and use advanced composition techniques. You’ll love seeing your son or daughter develop the skills and confidence needed to succeed with advanced coursework.

College Prep Writing is offered in a small group setting. Each two-hour class offers a lot of variety to keep your teen engaged.

Typically, your son or daughter participates in a warm-up activity to get his or her creative juices flowing. From there, we transition into instruction on the writing process and grammar. Then, your teen is given time to work independently on his or her writing project. We wrap up with an individual or group activity to re-enforce the skills and lessons covered during class.

What to expect from College Prep Writing

Your son or daughter will:

  • Receive expert guidance on preparing an effective college application essay.
  • Have dedicated time to write his or her essay, applying the skills learned in class.
  • Get valuable practice in the writing, research and analysis skills that are needed to succeed beyond high school.
  • Build confidence heading into college.

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