Why Your Child Should Take a SAT/ACT Practice Test


My daughter is in 10th grade and more concerned about her speech tournaments and show choir than college prep.  Good thing she has me here to “ruin her life.”  I’m signing her up for ACT prep and I’m having her take the test this May.  She calls me paranoid – but I have been to this rodeo once before and I know that preparation pays off.

Eleventh grade is a tough academic year, and adding the pressure of SAT/ACT testing can be a lot for kids.  My first born (AKA the practice child) went through the junior year wringer and if I could re-write one thing for him, I would have spread the preparation out over more time.  By signing my daughter up for ACT “practice runs” and prep in 10th grade, she will already be used to these important college entrance exams.  My only regret?  That I didn’t start her last year.

Presidents’ Day is my first strike.  We have had enough snow days in Chicago that I’m not stealing “her only day off.”  She’s taking advantage of Sylvan’s free SAT/ACT Practice Test Day and getting started.  Based on the outcome, we may get some additional help in weak areas.

Additionally, I’ve been reading up on other ways to make sure that my daughter is completely prepared when she sits to take the test for real, and have found the following expert tips helpful:

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